Title:  Engineer - Automation


Job Information

Job Title: Engineer - Automation Reporting to Plant Manager
Department / Plant Name EHW  / SW / Tiles Plants Section  
Grade 10 Job ID 30001265


Job Summary

The Engineer – Mechanical is responsible to train, testing, servicing, repair and maintenance of vehicles, plant equipment and electromechanical systems.

Duties & Responsibilities

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintains the highest standards of professional conduct, ethics, and integrity in the Plants. 
  • Supervises adherence to Plants adequate policies, procedures, and processes to maintain efficient operational excellence to achieve its strategic objectives. 
  • Ensures that implements approved quality system to deliver accurate testing results as per QCHSE recommendations. 
  • Ensures that the physical and environmental conditions are adequate and appropriate for the tests performed. 
  • Implements the necessary procedures to ensure that the employees are safe from physical and chemical hazards in accordance to QCHSE. 
  • Reviews innovative tests procedures to ensure that policies and procedures are updated accordingly. 
  • Ensures that all Lab employees’ responsibilities, duties, and privileges are clearly documented and communicated. 
  • Ensures that the plant is well-stocked by coordinating the requirements with the Admin Representative. 
  • Reviews all modern technical developments and devices, especially those which can save time and improve reliability. 
  • Oversees activities to guarantee that all samples are received, processed, and analyzed in a systematic and organized manner. 
  • Coordinates with third party consultants and/or inspectors to arrange a suitable time for their visits as directed by the Plants Manager. 
  • Ensures that all equipment’s are used, cleaned, stored, and maintained properly as per their manual instructions. 
  • Reviews all reports and provides the appropriate recommendations based on the tests results. 
  • Shares relevant notes and recommendations with the Operations and Production Planning Managers. 
  • Reviews, updates, and approves the training courses designed for new hires to introduce them to the work specifications. 
  • Evaluates the employee’s performance regularly to summarize their overall progress. 
  • Addresses to the issues and matters through issuing the necessary actions when appropriate.
  • Perform and other relative tasks might be requested by his line manager.


Communication Channel

Internal Communication

  • Operations and Production Planning Divisions.


External Communication

  • Research Institutes.
  • Government Agencies as required.


Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering)


  • 3-5 years of experience in the field of Chemistry and Mining within similar industry.
  • Proficiency of English language is required.


Business Reasoning
Knowledge of Equipment Details
Loyalty & Dedication
Planning & Executing Maintenance
Plant Operations
Quality Assurance & Management
Reliable and Dependable
Safety, Environment & Health Compliance
Technical/ Industry Knowledge
Time Management
Visioning and Alignment
Work Ethics and Values

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Adherence to the Plants strategies, policies, and procedures.
  2. Achievement of Lab objectives.
  3. Increase rate of efficiency.
  4. Number of performed tests per month.
  5. Accuracy of the conducted tests.
  6. Number of incidents in the section.