• Sustainability:

    Our Earth, Our Responsibility,

    Caring to the Environment is more than just recycling, Our strategic processes utilize every source efficiently to minimize the waste. Conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

    Water Conservation: To support water conservation initiatives, Saudi ceramics produces water saving toilets.

    A study found that water saving toilets consume from 3 to 6 litres of water per flush, it means that, if all toilets in Saudi Arabia were replaced with our new water saving toilets, the quantity of water saving in Saudi Arabia would be amount to 300 million cubic meters every year. This is equivalent to the annual product of Al - Jubail Desalination plant - The largest of it's type in the world.

    For this reason, Saudi Ceramics, has intensified it's efforts to convert all of it's models to be more water saving and leads the region in water conservation.