Title:  Coordinator - Material Preparer


Job Information

Job Title: Coordinator - Material Preparer Reporting to Section Head FG WH
Department / Plant Name Delivery and Warehouse Section Branch WH
Grade 6 Job ID 30001205


Job Summary

Responsible for safekeeping of received items and maintaining the Store and coordinate with sales and customer for sales order delivery.

Duties & Responsibilities

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Organizes warehousing of items under the possession of the sections which are meant for other sections.
  • Receives any materials or furniture.
  • Ensure safe storage of received items.
  • Reports all the stock of materials monthly and on demand of the Superiors.
  • Coordinate with sales and customers to deliver the sales order without any misunderstanding.
  • Perform and other relative tasks might be requested by FG Section Head.
  • Adherence to complaints for customer satisfaction
  • Providing timely reports related to operation activities.
  • Managing the warehouse team and preventive maintenance of company assets

Communication Channel

Internal Communication

  • Maintains cordial relations with all staff of Dept.


External Communication

  • Communicate with customers during delivery activities.


School certificate.


•    Minimum of 3-year experience.
•    Good background about warehouse delivery operations.
•    Good verbal and written communication skills – Arabic and English.
•    A keen understanding of the differences between various roles within organizations.


Adaptability / Dependability
Attendance / Punctuality
Company Assets / Equipment Care
Conduct & Ethics
Follow Company Policy & Procedures (related to Plants, QHSE, HR & IT)
Job Knowledge / Trade, Techinical or Professional Skills
Team Work / Collaboration
Work Under Pressure

Key Performance Indicators

1.    Organization of warehouse items in standard format.
2.    Update management for any warehouse related issues.
3.    Ensuring proper loading and unloading of goods.
4.    Continues audit for available items in warehouse.
5.    Weekly and monthly reports.
6.    Following company standard policy and procedures.
7.    Not exceed 0.5% variance of annual inventory.