Title:  30001226


Job Information

Job Title:

Supervisor - Talent Development & Acquisition

Reporting to

Section Head - Training

Department / Plant Name Human Resources Section Training
Grade 11 Job ID 30001226


Job Summary

The Supervisor - Talent Development & Acquisition is responsible covering and filling the functional needs of the area related to his powers, with follow-up and implementation of replacement decisions, according to the approved organizational structure, by planning for attracting and developing talents and continuing rehabilitation of employees.

Duties & Responsibilities

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement recruitment strategies, including advertising and attracting applicants.
  • Conduct personal interviews and manage the hiring process according to established stages.
  • Establish a database and cultivate relationships with employment offices.
  • Explore government support programs for social responsibility initiatives.
  • Carry out assigned tasks from supervisors or department managers.
  • Design and execute practical training plans for sales staff.
  • Boost team morale through courses, meetings, or incentive programs.
  • Perform administrative tasks related to human resources, including identifying training needs, and delivering comprehensive training programs.

Communication Channel

Internal Communication

  • Sales Staff of Saudi Ceramics.


External Communication

  • Employment offices and agencies and recruitment services.


Bachelor’s degree in business administration or equivalent


  • At least two years of experience as a Training Specialist and Talent Acquisition Specialist, or a similar position.
  • Ability to manage the full training cycle, including in-person activities and web-based learning
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills – Arabic & English.


Advisory & Consulting
Business Process Management
Career Management
Culture Development
Human Resources Management
Impact and Influence
Loyalty & Dedication
Problem Solving
Project Management
Public Relations
Strategic Planning
Work Ethics and Values

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Average time to fill vacant positions
  2. Number of training programs conducted in a year
  3. Percentage of employees’ productivity and efficiency
  4. Level of employee’s satisfaction with training programs
  5. Percentage of employees participated in training courses
  6. candidate satisfaction with the recruitment process.
  7. Average time for new hires to begin their roles after accepting an offer.
  8. Effectiveness of different recruitment channels